Should My Son Be Taking Protein Shakes?


So yesterday, a concerned mother asked me if her son should be taking protein shakes? And my simple as was – No. Now it’s not that black and white. Let’s look at the context. He’s a young lad of 16 who’s playing sports flat out and has started doing a bit of gym work. For […]

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Are You Conscious Of Your Body In Public?


Let me ask you a question, are you conscious of your body when you’re in public? Do you feel like people look at you because you’re overweight? Or do you feel like your body doesn’t meet social perceptions? Take a moment. And then say “f*ck what others think”. When it comes to weight loss, too […]

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What I Have Learned From Having Turned 30


So unless you’ve hidden under a rock, you’ll have been aware I turned 30 last week. Somehow people knew this because I was under the illusion I hardly mentioned it… But with turning 30 comes that period where you kind of reflect on what’s going on. And with that, I’ve looked at the difference in […]

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Rebekah Is Officially Going To Be A Garda


So this week, StrongLife got the great news that Rebekah is going to be a Garda. Back in February, Rebekah called in to see about getting a bit of training done. She had the Garda medical coming up and didn’t feel prepared. Like many ladies going for it, it’s upper body strength that they fear […]

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Do You Wish You Had Started Sooner?


Summer could well have just landed, but do you wish you had started sooner? I don’t know what has happened, but the weather has really taken a turn for the good. I’ve finally dusted off my beloved shorts and thrown away the hoodies. Could this be the year I finally get my legs to turn […]

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