From StrongWife To StrongMom – Mary Kelly


Today’s story is about how Mary Kelly has evolved from a StrongWife to StrongMom. February 2016, Mary strolled in the door of StrongLife Gym with a view to giving this aul “lifting” craic a go. She had been running for years and wanted to try her hand at lifting. Not only that, but in July 2016 […]

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Are Personal Trainers Forgetting Their Role?

personal trainers

Are Personal Trainers Forgetting Their Role? So over the last 12 months, I’ve seen trends where Personal Trainers are creating content on various topics that I would deem as outside our scope of practice. A common one is PT’s weighing in on Anxiety, Stress and Depression. Now first of all, let’s look at becoming a […]

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Why Ladies Should Start Lifting To Lose Fat

challenge lifting

Ladies, are you lifting yet, because you should start to maximise fat loss. Today, we’re looking at the effect resistance training has on fat loss when coupled with dieting. Below are the findings of a study published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The study  took 40 women to assess what was the biggest […]

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What Is The Best Diet To Follow For Weight Loss?

food diet

Regularly, we see the question of “what is the best diet to follow?” As the guys over at state: “The best diet is the one that is supported by scientific evidence, healthy, and sustainable for a given individual.” So when undertaking any diet, you need to ask yourself the following: – What evidence supports this diet […]

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